Study Options

We offer a choice of study options to meet your requirements and time constraints.
Private Lessons (one-to-one)
Private lessons provide you with your own teacher, your choice of schedule, class duration, class location (Institute / home / office), and course content. You will receive the undivided attention of your teacher who will adapt your course to your personal needs and objectives.
Semi-Private Lessons (2-3 students)
Semi-private lessons allow you to decide on the schedule and venue of your classes, as well as your study partners. You can choose to form your own group with colleagues or friends, or you may ask to be grouped with other students of the same level and same language objectives. When choosing this option, you will still benefit from a private learning environment and the course content will be adapted to your group’s needs and requests.
Small Group Lessons (4-7 students)
Small group lessons allow you to enjoy individual attention from your teacher, all the while providing interaction and extensive practice in a supportive and friendly environment. These classes usually take place at our Institute and students are grouped according to level and study objectives. New classes start every month, and upon completion of one module you can immediately advance to the next one.
Skype Lessons (one-to-one)
Skype lessons are the ideal choice if you travel a lot for work.
Classes are usually held once or twice weekly, but intensive classes can be arranged on request.
When you choose the private study option, you can reschedule any class with a simple phone call (24 hours notice is required). Or you can also decide to have a Skype lesson instead.
If you have chosen the small group study option and an alternate class is available, you can request to swap your day(s) and time(s) of class for that week. Or you can choose to pay a small supplement and enjoy a one-to-one catch up lesson instead.