English for Diplomatic Purposes

Enhance Your Communication Skills in Diplomatic Settings

Welcome to the “English for Diplomatic Purposes” course, designed exclusively for diplomats, consular staff, and other professionals who need to communicate effectively in English in diplomatic settings. This comprehensive course will equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in your diplomatic interactions and represent your country with confidence and authority.

Course Overview:
“English for Diplomatic Purposes” is a professional course designed to enhance communication skills in diplomacy. Topics covered include avoiding dehumanizing language, handling differences, emphasizing peaceful language, and focusing on agreement. Participants will also learn compassionate communication, negotiation techniques, and the role of English in diplomacy. The course benefits diplomats, government officials, professionals in international relations, and language enthusiasts. Enhance your diplomatic skills and broaden career opportunities in international organizations and government agencies. Contact us for more information and registration.

Target Audience:
• Diplomats and government officials: Enhance your diplomatic skills and improve your ability to represent your country effectively on the international stage.
• Professionals in international relations: Broaden your communication skills and cultural awareness to excel in your role in diplomacy, negotiation, or international cooperation.
• Language enthusiasts: If you have a passion for languages and an interest in diplomacy, this course will provide you with specialized knowledge and skills in English for diplomatic purposes.
• Students and researchers: Those studying or researching in the field of international relations or diplomacy will benefit from the practical insights and knowledge gained in this course.

Course Structure:
Our course combines interactive workshops, seminars, and individual coaching sessions to provide a dynamic and engaging learning experience. Through role-playing exercises, simulations, and group discussions, you’ll reinforce your learning and develop practical skills. Additionally, personalized coaching sessions will offer feedback and support to address specific areas of improvement.

Module 1: Avoidance of Dehumanizing Language
Module 2: Softening or Intensifying Your Language
Module 3: Compassionate English Communication for Diplomatic Purposes
Module 4: English as a Lingua Franca in East and Southeast Asia
Module 5: World Englishes and Peace Linguistics
Module 6: Negotiating in English
Module 7: Language Exercises for Diplomatic Communication
Module 8: English Language of Positiveness for Diplomatic Purposes

Benefits of Joining:
• Enhance your professional profile: Acquiring advanced communication skills for diplomatic purposes will set you apart in the competitive field of international relations and diplomacy.
•Effective diplomatic interactions: Develop the ability to navigate sensitive discussions, promote understanding, and build rapport with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds.
•Improved negotiation skills: Learn techniques to facilitate successful negotiations, make proposals, and manage difficult situations with tact and diplomacy.
•Enhanced cross-cultural understanding: Gain a deeper appreciation for cultural differences and the impact they have on diplomatic interactions, allowing you to engage in more meaningful and respectful communication.
•Increased emotional intelligence: Develop empathy and emotional intelligence, enabling you to understand and address the feelings and concerns of others in a diplomatic setting.
•Expanded career opportunities: The skills acquired in this course are highly sought after in international organizations, government agencies, and diplomatic missions.

Intended Learning Outcomes:
Develop advanced communication skills specific to diplomatic contexts
Acquire strategies for handling cultural differences and promoting understanding
Master the art of disagreeing diplomatically and maintaining rapport
Enhance emotional intelligence and empathy in diplomatic communication
Gain insights into the role of English as a lingua franca in East and Southeast Asia
Understand the importance of peace linguistics and humanizing language
Learn negotiation techniques and conflict resolution strategies
Develop a positive and constructive communication style for diplomatic purposes

Course Details:
Duration: The classes are held twice a week, with each session lasting for 2 hours.
Delivery Options: We offer in-person classes at a convenient location in Central. Online delivery options can also be explored to ensure accessibility for participants based in different locations.
Customization Options: We understand that different consulates may have specific needs and interests. Our course can be tailored to address these requirements, ensuring that the content aligns with your diplomatic contexts or challenges.
Course Materials: Custom-made course materials, including a course handouts, and online resources, will be provided. These resources are tailored to meet the needs and interests of the participants, offering comprehensive coverage of diplomatic discourse, negotiation strategies, public speaking, and cross-cultural communication.
Assessment and Certification: Participants will be assessed through quizzes, assignments, and a final project. Upon successful completion, they will receive a certificate of completion.

Get Started:
We believe that our programme will be a valuable investment for your consulate, empowering your staff to communicate effectively and confidently in diplomatic settings. To discuss the proposal further or tailor it to your specific requirements, please contact us at 2877 6160 or [email protected]. We would be delighted to schedule a meeting or address any inquiries you may have.
Don’t miss this opportunity to equip your consular staff with the essential skills they need to excel in their diplomatic roles. Enroll them in the “English for Diplomatic Purposes” course today!

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