Overseas Study Tours



Summer is an excellent time to broaden your child’s horizons by providing him/her with new opportunities and experiences that his/her busy school schedule does not allow during term time.

It is also the ideal time for your child to take his/her studies outside of the classroom, and to enjoy the benefits of nature, fresh air and physical activity, while also keeping his/her mind active and engaged.

Each year, at HK Institute of Languages, we are pleased to offer you a unique choice of overseas summer camps. For 2-8 weeks, your child will have the opportunity to experience a foreign language in its ‘natural’ surrounding: a country where it is the native tongue, while enjoying a fun, action packed programme of sports, recreational and cultural activities.

This form of language immersion speeds up the learning process, while providing your child with the chance of a lifetime to become familiar with new places and people.


At HK Institute of Languages (HKIL), we understand the importance of finding the right summer camp for your child. We have an 20-year continuous experience in successfully organising such overseas trips for Hong Kong students. You can depend on HKIL to provide a high quality learning experience in a safe and friendly environment.

Since 1992, we have been providing children and teenagers with the opportunity to enjoy the ultimate in language study programmes in France, Switzerland, England, Spain, Canada and China – discovering some of the country’s most beautiful sites; sampling local food; widening their cultural horizons; putting their language skills to daily use; participating in exciting activities and sports; and making new friends from around the world – all under the expert guidance of caring professionals.

This year we invite your child to join us for an exciting Language Adventure!