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Programme Overview:

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the French language with our dynamic French language programmes. Whether you choose our Intensive French Course or our French Crash Course, you’ll experience a supportive learning environment with small class sizes and personalized attention from our experienced native French-speaking teachers.

Beginner Level:
Introduction to French pronunciation and basic phonetics
Greetings, introductions, and basic conversation skills
Vocabulary building: common words and phrases
Essentials of French grammar: articles, nouns, pronouns, and basic sentence structures
Basic reading and writing exercises

Intermediate Level:
Expanding vocabulary: everyday situations, travel, work, and social interactions
Intermediate grammar: verb conjugation, tenses, adjectives, and adverbs
Listening comprehension exercises: dialogues, podcasts, and audio materials
Reading comprehension: short stories, articles, and simple texts
Writing exercises: descriptive paragraphs, letters, and emails

Advanced Level:
Advanced grammar: complex sentence structures, subjunctive mood, and conditional sentences
Idiomatic expressions and colloquialisms
Advanced reading comprehension: literary texts, news articles, and essays
Conversation practice: debates, discussions, and presentations
Writing practice: formal and informal writing, argumentative essays, and summaries

Cultural Immersion:
Exploration of French culture, customs, and traditions
Analysis of French literature, art, and music
Role-playing exercises to simulate real-life situations in a French-speaking environment
Interaction with native French speakers through language exchanges or cultural activities

The duration of the programme may vary depending on the specific course you choose. Typical durations range from 4 weeks to 12 weeks

Course Advantages

✔ Professional Native Teachers: Our highly qualified native teachers hold teaching degrees and possess ample experience in teaching French. They are passionate about sharing their language and culture and dedicated to your success. Start your French language journey with a free language assessment to meet your teacher.

✔ Effective Learning Method: Our proven learning method is designed to enhance your learning speed and optimize your language acquisition process. You’ll make rapid progress and develop confidence in your French language skills.

✔ Wide Course Range: We offer language courses tailored to various needs, including business, travel, and exam preparation. Whatever your goals may be, we have a course that suits your specific requirements.

✔ All Levels Welcome: Whether you’re a beginner or already have some knowledge of French, we have courses that cater to all levels of proficiency. Our flexible tailor-made courses are designed to enhance your progress and ensure a personalized learning experience.

✔ Flexible Hours: We understand the importance of convenience and flexibility in your busy schedule. That’s why we offer flexible course times that can be adjusted to suit your availability. Learn French at a time that works best for you.

✔ Choose Your Subjects: We believe in making your learning experience engaging and relevant. You have the freedom to select topics that interest you and align with your learning needs. Customize your French language journey to make it truly enjoyable.

✔ Reliable Education Centre: With years of teaching experience, we are a registered education center known for our reliability and commitment to delivering quality French language education. Join our trusted institution and benefit from our wealth of expertise.

✔ Convenient Location: Our language school is located in the heart of Central (5 minutes walk from the MTR station), allowing you to immerse yourself in the French language and culture. Enjoy easy access to our campus and make the most of your language learning experience in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Ready to embark on an exciting journey of French language acquisition? Enroll in our Intensive French Course or French Crash Course today and experience the transformative power of learning French with us!

Contact Information

For more information or to enroll, contact us at:
Phone: 2877 6160
Email: [email protected]

Any queries? Feel free to give us a call with any questions or comments about the above, and we do look forward to hearing from you soon!

Whatsapp: +852 9794 0258 (Adults) / +852 5421 0288 (Kids and Teens)

Master French Quickly with HKIL

快速掌握法語,參加我們的密集語言課程 | 在香港學習法語








✔ 專業母語教師:我們具有高資歷的母語教師擁有教學學位並擁有豐富的法語教學經驗。他們熱衷於分享他們的語言和文化,並致力於您的成功。通過免費語言評估來開始您的法語學習之旅,以認識您的教師。

✔ 有效的學習方法:我們經過驗證的學習方法旨在提高您的學習速度並優化您的語言習得過程。您將快速取得進步,並對您的法語語言技能充滿信心。

✔ 多樣化的課程範圍:我們提供根據不同需求量身定制的語言課程,包括商務、旅遊和考試準備等。無論您的目標是什麼,我們都有符合您特定需求的課程。

✔ 歡迎所有級別:無論您是初學者還是已經具備一些法語知識,我們都有適合各種熟練水平的課程。我們靈活的量身定制課程旨在提高您的進步,確保個性化的學習體驗。

✔ 彈性時間:我們理解在繁忙的日程中方便和靈活的重要性。因此,我們提供可調整以適應您的時間的課程時間。在最適合您的時間學習法語。

✔ 選擇您的主題:我們相信讓您的學習體驗有趣和相關性。您有自由選擇您感興趣並與您的學習需求相符的主題。定制您的法語學習之旅,使其真正愉快。

✔ 可靠的教育機構:憑藉多年的教學經驗,我們是一家註冊的教育中心,以可靠性和致力於提供優質法語語言教育而聞名。加入我們值得信賴的機構,並從我們豐富的專業知識中受益。

✔ 便利的位置:我們的語言學校位於中環的核心地帶(距離地鐵站步行5分鐘),使您能夠沉浸在法語語言和文化中。輕鬆進入我們的校園,並充分利用您在世界上最美麗的城市之一的語言學習體驗。



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Whatsapp: +852 9794 0258 ( 成人 ) / +852 5421 0288(兒童和青少年)