Why learn English ?

Do you feel self-conscious when you speak English?  Do you make mistakes? Do people always understand you?  Do you understand them?
In today’s global society, effective communication in English is very valuable in many aspects of your daily life…

  • Gaining access to knowledge: in today’s media, English is the dominant language
  • Communicating with people from all over the world: over a billion people speak a basic level of English
  • Pushing your career forward: in today’s workplace, English proficiency is a highly marketable skill, increasing your chances of a better job or promotion
  • Studying abroad: a high standard of English is needed to study at many foreign universities
  • English is easy to learn: it has a simple alphabet, short words and straightforward grammar
  • English is everywhere: in television, music, websites, magazines, etc., making it easy to revise and use what you have learnt and progress faster and more effectively.