Courses for Adults


With overseas travel and new communication technology becoming available to more people, speaking more than one language has never been so important. At Hong Kong Institute of Languages (HKIL), we provide you with the opportunity to achieve this aim quickly and effectively.

Whether you wish to start learning a language, brush up existing skills, meet professional job requirements, advance in your career, or simply plan for a holiday abroad, we have the perfect course for you – professionally designed and taught by qualified and experienced native speaking teachers.

We offer a full range of General and Business courses at all levels and for every need.

All our language programmes focus on a communicative approach and provide you with the necessary skills to feel comfortable speaking to and understand others in a foreign language environment. They offer the optimal mix of speaking, listening, reading, writing, vocabulary and grammar to allow you to master the language. You will also learn about the different cultures and traditions of the countries whose language you are studying.


We offer private and group lessons at all levels from complete beginner to advanced, including business related or examination courses.
Private lessons give you the freedom to choose your schedule, frequency and place of lessons, as well as course content fully adapted to your needs. You can also combine face-to-face lessons with Skype lessons when you are travelling.
Our group classes are small, usually 4 to 6 students, which gives you the opportunity to work in a more effective way with your teacher, and enables you to participate more actively in class. Our classes meet
once or twice a week for 1.5 hours or 2 hours. Sessions are ongoing and you may join at anytime as long as your proficiency level meets that of the class. If you miss a lesson, the teacher will ensure that you know what was covered in class and provide you with the necessary support.