Business English Skills

Career Boosting Workshops – Upgrade your Business English Skills with us

Prepare your future with us. At the Hong Kong Institute of Languages (HKIL), we offer business English skill workshops to help boost your career.
Whatever your industry, we have something for you. Marketing, advertising, general management, negotiating; its all here at HKIL.

Our Cambridge qualified business teacher has a CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and DELTA M3 (Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) ( (equivalent to MA- Ofqual, the exams regulator of the UK government) and teaches at a University Business School and has:

  • Coached numerous students to successfully interview and secure management positions.
  • Trained CEOS on how to give presentations to financial shareholders, and how to change the balance of power in negotiations.
  • Advised numerous global companies on how to write their press releases, advertising and marketing campaigns.

The school is offering the below packages depending on your needs:

  • Workshop Business Skill Introduction – 3 hour package to one our listed workshops
  • Workshop Business Skill Mastery – 24 hour package to fully master the wanted skill(s)

Before enrolling on any of our courses, you can enjoy a free level assessment and needs analysis to define your individual course objectives and plan your overall progression.

English Business Skills
Global English for Socializing
This workshop is for you to improve and enhance your communication skills, specifically for socializing with English speakers. It also teaches you how to present different topics and communicate your ideas interestingly and confidently. Make friends and influence people!
Writing Business Plans and Proposals
The instructor teaches you how to follow a writing structure from examples and write your core objectives in business proposals. You can then apply the writing techniques and language in various exercises and activities.
Business English for Building Relationships
If you are looking to enhance your Business English communication skills to build relationships with business partners, vendors, and colleagues, this workshop is perfect for you. You develop your vocabulary and phrasal verb understanding in various exercises and take part in discussions examining various business case studies.
Business English in Marketing Strategy
Improve your business English skills for marketing. The workshop helps students to brainstorm and organize the presentation of their marketing ideas to achieve positive communicative results.
Effective Presentation Skills
Learn how to clearly structure presentations, how to make points clearly, and how to conclude and recommend effectively. It also helps you to develop your own confident style, make eye contact and use body language.
Business English Writing Skills - Requests
This workshop focuses on giving you a systematic presentation of model business writing expressions and samples of business correspondence, followed by practical and useful business writing exercises. You will then be immediately able to make effective written requests and use a template adaptable to all types of business writing (e.g. email).
Business English in Writing Skills - Presenting Facts and Figures
Develop your skills for organizing information and figures into appropriate categories and visuals. The instructor shows you the core objectives and how to write from a template. You prepare several paragraphs and tables or graphs; by the end of the course, it is anticipated you can do this without guidance.
Business English in Writing Skills - Marketing & Advertising
Write effective advertisements, sales messages, and marketing messages. The instructor provides examples of techniques for writing marketing messages and advertising taglines. You participate in exercises which teach you how to create effective marketing and advertising messages immediately.
Business Writing Skills - Persuasion
Learn to successfully write persuasive business emails. The instructor teaches you how to follow a template, with stock expressions for all steps of a persuasive email. You write several emails from several case studies; by the end of the course it is anticipated you can do this without guidance.
Negotiating Skills 1 - The Negotiation Process
Apply business English communication skills in negotiations. You will be able to understand the negotiation process, to open, bargain and close a negotiation; to change the balance of power; and to understand the negotiation process. The instructor introduces you to various considerations when opening, techniques for changing the balance of power, and provides a useful language checklist.
Negotiating Skills 2 - Bargaining & Concessions
Learn business English communication skills specifically for negotiating. You will learn how to bargain and close deals during a negotiation. The instructor introduces students to considerations and techniques they need when opening a negotiation, and a useful language checklist.