Literacy-boosting programmes: Oxford Reading Tree & Jolly Phonics!

Discover the joy of reading with Oxford Reading Tree!

Oxford Reading Tree takes the frustration out of learning to read with a carefully structured and highly engaging approach. Through colorful illustrations and delightful stories, your child will progress step-by-step from hearing and saying initial sounds to reading simple phrases and sentences.

Our fun talebooks introduce phonics in a way that children love – through memorable characters like Biff, Chip and Kipper who guide new readers through adventures. Your little one will pick up letter sounds, blends and common words without even realizing they’re learning.

As confidence grows, your child moves up through stages where stories get more exciting with longer vocabulary. Before you know it, they’ll be racing through whole books! Oxford Reading Tree ensures nurturing early success sparks a lifelong love of literacy.

Teachers and parents trust Oxford Reading Tree because its proven methodology makes reading comprehension easy and enjoyable. Your child will develop strong foundations for independent reading, learning at their own pace without pressure.

Discover the magic – sign up for Oxford Reading Tree today and watch your child flourish into an eager reader! Our books and online resources provide all the support you need along the way. Investing in your child’s future has never been more rewarding.


Oxford Reading Tree Stage 1 (suitable for children ages 3-4 years old):

Oxford Reading Tree Stage 1 is the starting point for young children taking their first steps into reading. Using colorful picture books and simple stories, Stage 1 helps children build a foundation of early literacy skills.

In Stage 1 books, words are kept to a minimum while pictures tell most of the story. Children learn to identify letters and sounds through repeated exposure. Stories are very short – often just one to two sentences – and feature everyday objects and activities that children can relate to.

Some key things children will be introduced to in Stage 1 include:

  • Recognizing their own name written down
  • Identifying common objects, colors and shapes
  • Matching letters to their sounds
  • Beginning blending of sounds to read simple words
  • Turn-taking of pages and understanding print carries meaning

Stage 1 creates a fun, low-pressure environment for the youngest readers. With its bright illustrations and tales children can easily follow, Oxford Reading Tree helps ignite a passion for reading from the very first book.

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Oxford Reading Tree Stage 2 (suitable for children ages 4-5 years old):

Oxford Reading Tree Stage 2 builds on early literacy skills to help children read simple phrases and sentences. Stories are longer with a growing vocabulary yet still include colorful pictures to aid comprehension.

In Stage 2 books, children will:

  • Recognize more common words on sight
  • Blend letter sounds confidently to read short words
  • Sound out and read two-word sentences
  • Begin to read short paragraphs of 3-4 sentences
  • Follow a simple story structure with a beginning, middle and end

Stage 2 books feature repetitive language and predictable storylines that boost reading confidence. Familiar characters like Biff, Chip and Kipper continue adventures together.

Children learn to connect phonic knowledge to read for meaning. Illustrations still support the text but take a backseat as children read more independently.

Stage 2 gently stretches young readers while keeping stories enjoyable. With its proven step-by-step approach, Oxford Reading Tree smoothly transitions children toward reading simple full sentences and short captivating tales. 

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Oxford Reading Tree Stage 3 (suitable for children ages 5-7 years old):

In Stage 3, children’s reading skills blossom as stories become more detailed. Text focuses on developing fluency and comprehension through longer, more complex tales.

Key aspects of Stage 3 books include:

  • Introducing more academic vocabulary
  • Relying less on pictures as reading progresses
  • Gradual reduction of repetition for more fluid reading
  • Stories with multiple episodic chapters
  • Building background knowledge through engaging topics

Characters still guide emergent readers but plots involve a greater variety of people, places, problems and solutions. Children read stories of 10-12 pages with chapters up to 150 words each.

Phonics skills are firmly established so reading flows with expression and understanding. Oxford Reading Tree helps children read to learn by exposing them to new ideas and information.

Quizzes and activities promote higher level skills like prediction, inference and summarization. Stage 3 lays the foundation for independent reading across different genres.

With its balanced literacy approach, Oxford Reading Tree empowers young readers to discover the joy of delving into whole chapter books.

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Class Schedules:

14:30-15:30Oxford Reading Tree Stage 1 (3-4 Yrs)Oxford Reading Tree Stage 1 (3-4 Yrs)
15:30-16:30Oxford Reading Tree Stage 2 (4-5 Yrs) Oxford Reading Tree Stage 2 (4-5 Yrs)
16:30-17:30Oxford Reading Tree Stage 3 (5-7 Yrs) Oxford Reading Tree Stage 3 (5-7 Yrs)

Course Fee: $2,160 for 6 sessions (per Stage)

Choose Your Preferred Course Start Date:: 5 February Monday or 9 February Friday
Early Bird Special: Enrol before 31 Jan to waive registration fee of $300-

Contact us today to enroll your child:

Tel: +852 2877 6160
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Introducing the Fun Way to Read – Jolly Phonics!

Tired of boring reading programmes that don’t engage kids? Say goodbye to struggle and hello to success with Jolly Phonics! Using a multi-sensory approach and delightful characters, Jolly Phonics teaches the 42 letter sounds in a cheerful, catchy way your child will love. Through songs, actions and games, your little one will quickly grasp letter-sound correspondence – the vital first step to reading.

Watch their confidence soar as they blend sounds into words and read short sentences almost immediately. With Jolly Phonics, your child learns to read for meaning and understanding, not just decoding.

This internationally proven method makes learning to read enjoyable while developing early literacy skills. Your child will be reading simple storybooks within their first term!

Enrich your child’s education with Jolly Phonics. They’ll have so much phonics fun, they won’t even realize they’re learning. Sign up today and give your child the brilliant beginning that unlocks a lifetime of learning adventures!

See the joy reading brings to your little learner. Invest in their bright future by choosing the programme getting globally acclaimed results. Discover the magic of Jolly Phonics!

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Class Schedules:

14:30-15:303-4 Years3-4 Years
15:30-16:304-5 Years4-5 Years
16:30-17:305-7 Years5-7 Years

Course Fee: $2,160 for 6 sessions (per programme)

Choose Your Preferred Course Start Date: 5 February Monday or 9 February Friday
Early Bird Special: Enrol before 31 Jan to waive registration fee of $300-

Contact us today to enroll your child:

Tel: +852 2877 6160
Whatsapp: +852 9794 0258  Email: [email protected]