All HKIL Training Solutions trainers are native speakers and are qualified teachers, with business backgrounds and experience of training in Asia. Here are samples of our trainers’ profiles.


Rowan is a qualified native English teacher, manager, examiner and teacher trainer, who has over 10- years international experience, having taught in Taiwan, New Zealand and Spain.

Rowan has an M.A in history from the University of St. Andrews, Scotland and a Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Adults from the Royal Society of Arts & Cambridge University (RSA Cambridge CTEFLA).

Rowan has worked for a variety of reputable schools and institutes during his career and has delivered corporate language training to leading companies and establishments including Dow Jones, Maersk, Wyeth and Diageo. Rowan is an experienced examiner for BULATS, UCLES and IELTS.

Rowan is our Corporate Training Executive and in addition to delivering training to corporate clients, Rowan also produces course materials, conducts needs analysis and benchmarking assessments.


Raymond is a highly qualified teacher and assessor, with over 15 years experience teaching Mandarin to Chinese and Non-Chinese students.

Raymond has a Bachelors degree in Business from California State University, USA.  He is also tri-lingual, being able to speak English and Cantonese, in addition to his native Mandarin.

Raymond joined HKIL in 1997.  Since that time, he has taught a variety of students in Hong Kong, conducting classes for corporate clients with great success.  He has taught business and general Mandarin courses at all levels for many leading Hong Kong universities and prestigious companies and organisations.   Raymond’s clients include the Legislative Council of Hong Kong, the KCRC, the Hong Kong Tourism Board, the British Consulate General and Hong Kong and Shanghai Hotels.


Clare is a highly experienced teacher and teacher trainer with many years’ experience. Clare holds both the Certificate and Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA and DELTA) and is a qualified teacher trainer for those qualifications. Clare’s teaching experience is extensive, she began teaching Academic English in New Zealand and moved on to Singapore where she started to teach corporate courses. After a spell teaching in her native England, she moved to Sicily where she taught Academic and Business English and teacher training courses and workshops. After a spell in Shanghai teaching and training Clare came to Hong Kong where she is responsible for planning and teaching our Corporate courses and workshops. HKIL is delighted to have such a well-qualified and experienced teacher on our team.


Wil hails from Canada, and while a native English speaker, studied French Literature for his BA at Simon Fraser University and later did the CELTA course. He taught for a while at home in Vancouver before moving to China where he taught all classes and levels in Wuhan, specializing in exam techniques and Business English. He later moved down to Guangzhou and continued training students in Academic and Business English. Wil came to us from the Mainland and has taught all classes and levels with us, his focus being on Corporate Training in English. We are happy to have a teacher with his enthusiasm and student rapport.

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