Celebrating 60 Years of France-China Relations:

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We are thrilled to celebrate 60 years of remarkable relations between France and China. To commemorate this momentous occasion, we are delighted to offer an exclusive promotion on our French and Mandarin courses. Seize this limited-time opportunity and save up to 30% on your language learning journey!


France was indeed the first major Western country to formally recognize the People’s Republic of China. This recognition took place on January 27, 1964 [3].

Here are some key points about France’s recognition of the People’s Republic of China:

  1. Historical Significance: France’s recognition of the People’s Republic of China marked a major breakthrough in China’s diplomatic relations with Western countries [1].
  2. Diplomatic Relations: The establishment of diplomatic relations between France and China opened up new avenues for cooperation. Over the years, the two countries have developed a comprehensive strategic partnership and launched institutional strategic dialogues [2]. They have collaborated in various fields, including aviation, nuclear energy, cultural exchanges, and climate change.
  3. Cultural Connections: France has a special place in Chinese history and culture. French nationals played a role in the establishment of China’s Fujian Navy Yard and the Fujian Naval Academy over 150 years ago [2]. France was also the first country to welcome government-sponsored students from China, and many Chinese students traveled to France for further education, contributing to the development of modern China.

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  3. China’s Xi Jinping begins first Europe tour in five years in France | Politics News | Al Jazeera
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