More about HKIL Summer Camps / Study Tours

Each HKIL partner school has been rigorously selected to ensure the highest standards of safety and quality. When you register for an HKIL summer camp / study tour, your child is guaranteed to enjoy:group

  • Exceptional venues with outstanding facilities
  • Full linguistic immersion
  • Top-quality language tuition by qualified professionals
  • Varied and exciting sports and cultural programmes
  • Secure, comfortable and spacious accommodation
  • Low student/staff ratio
  • 24-hour supervision and welfare


Exceptional Venues

We choose our partner schools not only for their high level of expertise and professionalism but also for the quality environment that they offer.

All our summer camps / study tours take place in venues of the highest possible calibre, situated in the most beautiful locations. Whether by the sea or surrounded by picturesque rivers and lakes or acres of woodland and green spaces, they all offer your child the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of nature, fresh air and outdoor activity.

School campuses are often superb, always spacious and feature excellent all round facilities, including: comfortable accommodation; one or more dining halls; bright and well equipped classrooms; a computer lab; indoor and outdoor sports facilities such as a swimming pool, a gymnasium, multi usage courts and extensive sports fields. Some even incorporate an art studio, a music room, a dance studio, a theatre and more.

They provide the perfect, controlled, safe and secure environment to learn, make new friends from all over the world and have great fun.


Full Linguistic Immersion

All our summer camps / study tours are run on a multinational basis and guarantee your child full linguistic immersion through intensive and interactive French, English, Spanish or Mandarin classes in the mornings, combined with a full programme of supervised sporting, recreational and cultural activities (often shared with local students) in the afternoons, evenings and at weekends.

We are proud to be the exclusive local representative for most of the summer camps / study tours that we offer and can therefore guarantee a limit on the number of children from Hong Kong taking part in our camps at any one time.

When you choose one of our summer camps / study tours, you can rest assured that your child will receive the maximum benefit from an authentic 'French', 'English', 'Spanish' or 'Mandarin' experience, with the chance to practise his/her French, English, Spanish or Mandarin at all times, in a truly international environment.


Top Quality Instruction

Each of our partner schools has been carefully selected for its high degree of expertise and professionalism, thus guaranteeing the ideal learning experience.

French / English / Spanish / Mandarin classes are usually 3 hours, five mornings a week, with programmes specifically designed to help your child improve his/her skills and provide him/her with every opportunity to use the language.

The classes are organised in small groups (8-15 students depending on the camp), to maximise individual attention and guarantee progress, and are taught by qualified, experienced, professional teachers.

The main focus is on the development of oral communication and building up of your child's confidence through the combination of lively, stimulating activities, exciting learning materials, interpersonal participation and dynamic group interaction.

Lessons include: learning new vocabulary and functional language, role-plays, projects and other communicative activities.

To ensure that your child is enrolled at the correct level, and in the appropriate class, he/she will take a placement test on the first day, and regular evaluations will be carried out throughout the study programme.

At the end of the programme, your child will receive a certificate and detailed progress report to recognise his/her level of proficiency and highlight the new linguistic skills that he/she will have acquired.


Sports and Cultural Programme

After fun and interesting lessons in the mornings that engage the mind, your child will be given the chance to experience outdoor events that will give full rein to his/her physical potential.

Every afternoon, your child can enjoy a full programme of supervised sports, arts, and cultural activities, under the constant supervision and expert guidance of professionals.

All activities are carried out in the target language, so that your child can reinforce what he/she has learnt in the morning classes by practising in real life situations in the afternoon.

Depending on the selected destination, these may include tennis, badminton, table-tennis, archery, fencing, golf, football, volleyball, baseball, basketball, handball, hockey, cricket, lacrosse, rounders, swimming, punting, canoeing, kayaking, windsurfing, water-skiing, sailing, scuba diving, rock climbing, mountain biking, (alpine) hiking, horse-riding, rollerblading, ice-skating, martial arts, athletics, modern dance, bowling, music, drama, Chinese ink painting, calligraphy, engraving, arts and crafts, and more.

With such a vast selection, your child is sure to find the sports / activities that he/she knows and loves, and to enjoy the opportunity to try something completely new!

In addition to these thrilling activities, your child will also get to expand his/her knowledge of the country he/she is visiting through weekly cultural excursions. These trips may include a visit to a famous museum, an ancient castle, a renowned historical site, or simply fun outings to theme parks.



We offer a choice of residential or homestay accommodation.

Residential accommodation is on a full board basis, with three well-balanced, nutritious meals a day, with several starters, main dishes, and desserts to choose from, and a healthy snack provided for the afternoon. Each school also caters for special dietary requirements.

Bedrooms are spacious, comfortable, clean, and well equipped. As far as possible, your child will be placed with others of a similar age group but of a different nationality to encourage further linguistic immersion.  Boys and girls sleep in separate sections or floors of the residential house, with staff supervision around the clock. 

Homestay accommodation is on a full board basis, with three meals a day provided by the family. Breakfast and dinner are taken with the family at home, while a packed lunch is taken at midday. Your child will stay with a carefully selected host family to ensure that he/she gets the care, personal attention, and supervision which young people need when they are away from home.


Low student/staff ratio

All our schools employ qualified and experienced staff trained to work with every age group and to provide the highest levels of safety, welfare, supervision and care that children and teenagers require when away from home.

Friendly counsellors/group leaders are available around the clock to provide answers to questions, assist with any problem which may arise, and act as chaperons on extra-curricular activities and trips.

At most of our camps, the student/staff ratio is as low as 5/6:1 (or even less - 2:1 for certain destinations) to ensure ultimate safety beyond the classroom.


Supervision and Welfare

All our programmes are well structured and organised so that your child is always active yet under close supervision, whether it is during class, outdoor activities, weekly field trips, or at bedtime.

When choosing the residential option, your child will be under supervision 24/7* with staff members living on the same floor to provide around the clock supervision and care. At night, they will help your child to get ready for bed and will wait until all the children are asleep before going to bed themselves. If your child wakes up during the night, he/she will always be only a few doors away, at the most, from his/her counsellor/group leader.

When choosing the homestay option, your child will be under the school staff supervision throughout the day and under the care of the host family at night (and during weekends as applicable). Every host family is carefully selected to ensure that your child gets the care, personal attention, and supervision which young people need when they are away from home.

In addition, most of our schools also have their own medical centre with a qualified nurse on site 24 hours a day to give immediate medical care if needed.

* With prior written parental authorisation only, students aged 15 or more may, at some schools, be allowed to go out unaccompanied at certain times.


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