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 Summer Camp

When is the best time to learn a language? During early childhood, children's abilities to understand, to process, and to produce language flourish in an amazing way. Learning in a fun environment further enhances the experience.

As a parent, you are giving your child a life-long advantage by exposing them to foreign languages at an early age.  

HK Kidz Language and Activity summer camps, which are available in 6 different languages, are the perfect opportunity for your child to benefit from quality language courses while being actively involved in all kinds of fun and exciting activities. By encouraging your child to explore, experience, create and interact in French, English, German, Spanish,  Mandarin and (or) Japanese, these camps boost both communication skills and self-confidence naturally, effectively, and rapidly.

A 3-hour summer camp, every day, over a period of 4 weeks (60 hours) is actually equivalent to 1 full scholastic year of 1.5 hours after school lessons per week. Additionally, progress is actually far greater with the benefit of daily exposure, as children won't forget between classes, as they possibly would with weekly classes.

If you wish your child to become truly bilingual or trilingual, there is no better time than the summer to get them started!

Are you looking to spark your child's creativity and imagination? HK Kidz also offers culture and enrichment programmes - available in French, English, German, Spanish, Mandarin and Japanese. Focusing on developing curiosity and stimulating imagination, these innovative programmes offer your child the chance to develop both creative and language skills while broadening their horizons.

HK Kidz Summer camps are open to children from 2  to 12 years old.

Offered in 6 languages and with a variety of options, such as Summer Adventures, Creative Writing, Exam Practice, Creative Arts, Drama & Music, Cooking, Science & Discovery, Lego & Robotics, and more, your child is sure to find a fun and interesting programme they like, making it easy for you to arrange the ideal summer schedule for your child!

For example, in the morning, your child may join a French Summer Adventures class to develop their French skills, and in the afternoon, they may also take a French cooking class to further practise language while also discovering the joy of cooking. Or they may opt for an English Summer Adventures class in the morning, to enhance their English skills, followed by a Mandarin Creative Arts class in the afternoon, to develop both their artistic and Mandarin skills.

There is no limit to the possible combinations. It is up to you to decide depending on your own child's needs and interests... Not to mention the convenience and time saved taking your child to one place only!


Advantages that will you find at HK Kidz

  • HK Kidz is one of the only language schools in Hong Kong that recruits teachers directly from abroad, which means your child is guaranteed to have real practice with native speakers - there’s no better way to learn!
  • Groups are organised by age and level to ensure a homogenous class dynamic and optimal linguistic progress.
  •  With 6 different languages and a selection of action-packed programmes to choose from in every language, HK Kidz provides the ultimate choice for all your child's interests and needs - all under one roof.
  • Half-day and full-day options make it easy for you to plan your child's schedule. You can mix and match programmes and languages, giving your child a more diversified and enriching experience.
  •  All classes are scheduled at the same time, which means that siblings can attend different programmes or languages, in separate groups according to their age, level and area of interest, at the exact same time.
  •  When joining our full-day sessions, your child stays at school and is supervised during the lunch break.
  •  Camps are available at 2 venues, all within easy reach: Central and One Island South (Wong Chuk Hang).
  •  Our programmes are flexible and can be booked on a day by day or a whole week basis over the whole summer.  We highly recommend the whole week option, therefore, maximising the experience and language retention.
  •  Last but not least, classes are limited to 8 children only, providing your child with greater teacher attention and quality learning opportunities.


HK Kidz Summer camps are available throughout the summer from Tuesday 3 July to Friday 31 August. 

Register before 31 May to guarantee a space and benefit from our "Early bird discount" of 5%!

  • 5% discount when you register for 3 full days per week for 5 weeks or more.
  • 5% discount for siblings.
  • Additional 10% discount when you register for 5 full days per week for 5 weeks or more. 
  • Special 15% discount if your child continues in September (during term time, our classes usually take place once or twice weekly x 1.5 hours)

 For more information, please call Stella on 2877 6160 or email: 

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