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About us 

After 15 years of operating a successful French kindergarten, Les Petits Lascars International Kindergarten (Central and Tseung Kwan O), the founders have developed an English and Mandarin bi-lingual preschool stream.  35 years ago, Dominique and Christian Chasset founded the Hong Kong Institute of Languages which teaches foreign languages to adults, children, schools and professionals.   The Chassets have recently formed the Hong Kong Kids Academy to provide Hong Kong’s families with a dedicated children’s education offering encompassing a preschool (Les Petits Lascars French and English bi-lingual stream and English and Mandarin bi-lingual stream), enrichment programmes and language courses. 

The Academy is now taking enquiries for the 2021 academic year for Playgroups (18 to 24 months), Pre-Nursery (2 to 3 years old) and Kindergarten K1 to K3 (3 to 6 years old).

Our Philosophy 

We believe in an educational approach that is centred around the well-being of each child, adapting to the child’s learning rhythm, individuality and specific learning needs.

We invite parents to participate actively in their children’s education. Each child is individually motivated and encouraged to progress according to their own learning style. Your child can flourish and develop self-confidence while acquiring new skills.

This reassuring approach allows your child to take his or her first steps towards independence and gently prepares your child for entry to the next level and on to primary school.

The learning activities revolve around play, stimulating curiosity and motivating a desire to learn. Play also promotes a wealth of experience and enhances communication with others.

Our Facilities  

Bright and modern new centres have been built in Central and Tseung Kwan O.  Your children can enjoy learning in a stimulating, fun and educational environment with spacious and bright classrooms, indoor and outdoor playground areas. Centre design, facilities and pedagogy have all been designed to develop social, emotional, cognitive and physical development of your child.


Pre-Nursery 2 – 3 years old 
The main objective of this programme is helping young children with socialisation. The activities and learning equipment are designed to help the student develop their sensory, emotional, communication and cognitive skills.

Kindergarten (K1 – K3 ), 3-6 Years old
Reading, writing and speaking skills are areas of focus. Our professional teachers will guide students to act and express self-awareness through physical activities, as well as develop their language skills. Mathematical concepts are also significant for this age-group, students will explore shapes, sizes, sequences, time and space by innovative educational tools and teaching methods.

Playgroups 9-15 months or 16-24 months.
Social, Emotional, Cognitive and Physical Development for young children.


Tel +852 2877 6160
E-mail: info@hklanguages.com


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