HKIL'S 6-Stage Course Management

1. Consultation

We visit your office for a free consultation to define your learning objectives and recommend the most suitable course for you or your staff.

2. Assessment

We provide free level tests at your office or at our Institute. Our trainers are experienced and we are able to give you professional recommendations for training.
Tests are usually arranged on a one-to-one basis through interviews and we can also conduct written tests if required.  We are ready to test any number of your staff.

3. Course Plan

Following the level tests, we will recommend a study programme suited to your schedule, budget and language training needs. Our training programmes are normally arranged in study modules of 40 lessons.
We have a vast bank of resources with materials designed for every need. You can follow a course book or choose tailor-made materials, or a combination of both. We work hard to source and design materials that are immediately relevant to your work. 

4. Progress Check

Progress checks are included in every course so that we can all keep check on how well the objectives of your training programme are being met.
Regular progress reports can also be submitted to your company for reference, together with feedback forms.

5. Certificates

Certificates of Achievement are presented to course participants who have achieved the requisite level by the end of each course.  Certificates of Attendance are presented to those who require further study.

6. Report

At the end of each training programme, we will submit a training course report to your company with recommendations for further training.

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